Embedding web pages

Probably a basic question, but how to embed a web page (gallery) in an existing webpage?

The normal route of offsite page I am familiar with and use already, but I need to be able to lock the page, so it needs to be embedded. I’m thinking (Source) some code in the coder stack?

Thoughts appreciated!



You could probably start by adding something like:

<iframe src="demo_iframe.htm" style="height:200px;width:300px;" title="Iframe Example"></iframe>

into a Coder stack set to html.

I can’t remember the last project I used an iFrame in, otherwise I would dig it out and look how I did it.

Thanks Gary, that works well with my own page, I suspect Adobe have prevented iFrame as it does not work with the gallery I planned to embed. Not sure if there is a possible workaround for such things @jannis ?

Yes, that might be the case. Link?