Embeded website and google ranking

Four or five months ago, I had my “classical” graphic designer website, and when you were looking for “graphiste dordogne” (my job and my area in France) : my website was shown 2 times in the first google page ; in the “google business list” and in the Google results.

Then I have decided to modify my website (keeping the same url of course), and as I wanted something specific, I have decided to embed pages from another website I created ; something like a warehouse website. And so ; pages from this “warehouse website” appear in my website. I thought it would be more practical to manage.

See here - The thing is that I wanted the left column to stand still (never be refreshed), even when the left page is changing.

I’m satisfy with the result BUT I realized that my google rankings have been completely destroyed ; I do not exist anymore as a google result (I have looked until the fourth page), but fortunately, my “google business result” is still in the first place.

So ; do you think that it is the “embedded” pages (and so the fact that there is not that much data/pages in the main website/url) that are responsable for my google dead ?

In fact, my google ranking is not that important : it’s been more than 10 years that I have website, and a very few people found me this way (for a very french reason ; people in france don’t know what a “graphiste” is… When they need and graphic designer / graphiste : they search for a printer or a communication agency… I have a job that does not exist in people’s mind, in my countryside at least ;-).
BUT ; I’d like to understand what happened…

And I guess that I could bring back all the “warehouse website materials” to my main website… Or another idea ???


you could turn off google Follow for that particular page ( difficult if its your home page, so maybe return to a normal home page and put the embeds on another page then return your written content), and if your rankings start to return - at least you can sure it was caused by the updated page, before you make knee jerk changes. If they don’t return that might indicate another problem. I have used embedded sample websites using a stack by RW Extras called Live Thumb with no problems other than creating a very heavy page.
Sorry I looked your page after writing the above, nice work ! you don’t appear to have any written content - did you remove this?
Is Google my business reliant on your seo in the website - Im not sure it is, hence it being unaffected by your ranking.
Making a big site wide change will effect your page ranking, but can be quick to repair. I’ve made changes that will result in rankings happen within a few days , many times. If you dont want much written content then try Joe workmans SEO Helper stacks , they will give you structured data in the back ground which should help you with this. You may be able to compensate for lack of content by doing every single image alt tag, file name , image file name. Use good seo terms for site folders etc etc .

Thank you sa3305 ; I read your answer and I thought “of course my SEO helper is up to date…”

And then I took a look to check it and I realized that I forgot it on that new version !!!

Dumb me ;-)

So I’m going to start from there and see if I do get back in a normal ranking, thanks again !

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I know that this is a topic with almost only me… I mean ; dumb me ;-)

Even after I found out that I had erased my SEO Helper from my website, and then put it back, I saw no change, my website just continued to disappear from google rankings…

AND THIS MORNING… I realized that, since then, I was uploading my website changes on a “development” file on my server, that I had first created when I wanted to see my work before publishing it online !!! So my changes could not be seen online…

SO stupid ;-)

And now I’ll just wait to see my progresses in Google… He he he !