Error in ALL projects edit to view

Im getting this error when I go from edit to view in ALL my rapidweaver projects.
I have in insane ammount of stacks many are old. Do I need to cull them to find the cause?

Notice : file_get_contents(): read of 8192 bytes failed with errno=21 Is a directory in /Applications/RapidWeaver on line 178

Hi @Domino,

I don’t think this is an issue related to the stacks you have installed.

Basically RW is telling you that it can’t launch the built-in webserver (which it uses to preview your page) because the PHP script is trying to open a file that is actually a directory.

This might be because the file in question has gone corrupt or missing.

Have you tried quitting and relaunching RapidWeaver?

I’d try that first.

If the issue persists, I’d reinstall RapidWeaver

Note: although in theory your projects and stacks library will remain intact if you just reinstall RapidWeaver, I strongly recommend backing everything up.



Hej When this happens I usually just delete a stack, preview and then paste the stack back. Then usually everything works again. This is a bug that has haunted RW for a long time.