Error showing on page

Hello can you give me a clue to this error please
Ive sent you a link to the page

Hi Lee,

Why not post the link here as well so we can take a look at the error as well?



ok its here, to be honest , the problem is with forums is that, you are either a contributor or a parasite. So by asking the developer direct , I don’t feel I’m using all my help credits up. I’m of course a parasite and have limited knowledge to offer back. Unless you need to know how to make nice things look shitty ( sorry patina ) or how to paint a letter S ;) ( other letters are available )

A clue is what is in the error message where it says “Box Stack”.

I am not familiar with that stack but double and triple check your settings in that stack. You have a https error so make sure all URLs are https.


Ok im going away now and never posting again - you’re right triple check every time .
Sometimes I just don’t know how I survive day to day.
Dont suppose you need to know how to paint a letter S? It might come in handy one day

Actually, yes. How do you paint a letter S? I bet there’s a special technique some of us freeform vector graphic designers could benefit from…

Harsh! We all started as parasites, or newbies, or whatever. I know my way around RW nowadays but I can still ask plenty of dumb questions.

I’m guessing the stack is the Box stack from Yuzool? I have that, so if you want, share the project with me, I’ll fire it up to my dev server and see if the issue persists. Or, explain the setup you have and I’ll try to replicate it.


Sorry for closing this thread before, my mistake.


Thx Steveb I sorted it now. It was tongue in cheek harsh. But in truth , it can be a one way street on forums , and I simply meant that it’s something I’m aware of. The help is appreciated, always.


actually the s is a bit of a bugger. To check an s turn it upside down , the faults will leap out at you.
Learn to draw it - once you can draw it you can paint it.
I had a friend who was probably one of the last true poster writers left alive at the time. He did all the dayglo posters you used to see in shop windows. Everything was created with one stroke brushes , so an s was created from 3 or 4 strokes, and he was so fast too. I have a deep regret that I never filmed him working. But filming wasn’t around like it is now. Although there are some sign painters who can write them - he was a specialised poster writer. Another specialist skill gone and largely forgotten.

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Maybe you should have someone filming you for the sake of posterity…