Error with PHP script

Thanks to suggestions from people here, I’ve added the Repository stack for my client to add photos - and am building the page using a Warehoused image option (page won’t be final until later this week). I also found a CodeCanyon script for the Trading Post page. All is working fine except when a person uploads an image: an error message is shown, even though the image is successfully uploaded. Any idea why this might be happening? (I am not able to get to the MySQL log - DreamHost doesn’t offer it).

You can create a new account, log back in and then add a listing here: (I will delete before the site goes live in about a week).

I;m curious to see what this trading post script is like, so giving it a whirl.

Comments, in my usual honest but maybe brutal fashion ;-)…

  1. Creating an account isn’t obvious, in that there is no “create account” or “register” link. I had to click log in, then select from the drop down.

  2. It’s really really slow to load.

  3. Adding a listing is also not obvious. Again, had to click a random link to find the link to add a listing.

  4. At the end of a listing the option to add a profile pic give me two options: Yes and Not. Should be Yes and No?

  5. Yep. Picture upload failed. Is the upload folder set with correct permissions? And are the image restrictions set correctly?

Brutal? Yes. But, my thoughts, exactly.

I’m meeting with the client tomorrow, and am pushing him hard to not go forward with it. In the two weeks I’ve been working with him, he’s had virtually no time to devote to scoping out the site. So, I’m fairly certain he won’t want to spend time ensuring the trading post is clean of spam, etc. But, it’s his site, so it needs to do what he desires. Almost assuredly, I will install a different system should he decide to keep it. Probably Classify or LaraCalssified, found on this page:

In the meantime, I’ll check the permissions on the folder - there’s a good chance it’s not 777. Thanks for the suggestion.