Event registration and tickets


Has anyone done any work with event registration and ticketing (particularly for a non-profit)? Any recommendations on a service to use?

Oh, and bonus points if it works with Square payment processor


I did one with a modified ticketing script from phpjabbers. You might want to have a look at their’s. Produced a barcoded ticket for easy/fast entry at the event.


I had a quick peek at them first, but they didn’t support Square, from what I could tell.

I have to check-in with the group here - that may not be a deal breaker (they’d likely be ok to get Paypal setup). I may circle back around to them… Thanks


There was one I saw @jabostick and it was priced per ticket with bar codes … just looking for it. But it was Stripe+PayPal (no Square).

Seems RW users would like something Square…


Just circling back to this, in case anyone is interested - I found something called SimpleTix and the group wants to give that a shot. I’ll let you know who it goes.