Everything You Know About Web Design Just Changed - Video

This is an interesting vido by Jen Simmons, that is informative, thought provoking and spends some time explaining in simple demos what the CSS Grid FR is and how we can now control layouts.

Up to about 31 mins is an overview of how we did things (or continue to do) but the sections from the start are well worth watching.
36:30 mins - Fluid images

All SOURCE users should watch these sections
40:50 mins to end - is the start excellent section on FR and controlling the “white space”
59 mins - Clever footer grid demo


She now works for Apple on the WebKit team and is pushing all of the new css features such as Container queries, subgrid and :has pseudo.

Good for her. She was instrumental in the development of Firefox’s CSS Grid dev tools.

As an amateur who has started using Source, this was really, really interesting. Both the ‘how we got here’ part and, of course, the explanations around CSS Grid. Thanks for sharing.


Glad you found it useful. Jen Simmons has many other excellent videos.

The 59 min Footer layout is very clever and once you understand how that is built the whole CSS Grid world open up to you. You will not be able to go back to the old world after that.

Her stuff is really good! I’ve learnt so much from her, Rachel Andrew and Ahmad Shadeed about these new features. And web design is changing as a result of them, big time. But in exciting and useful ways.

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