Excellent idea


Mace is the primary ingredient for any sausage - human or animal.

When the meat is as tough and old as yours though I’m thinking of a bucket of paprika and a 100 day air cure may be in order.


I can spare a foot right now on account as down payment for something stupid I’ll do in the near future, anything more and my wife might notice.
I’m sure Tav has a good hock recipe.

Left or right?


You get 2 pound of meat from one foot 🦶?

Bigfoot, he? I guess you overestimate yourself.

I don’t care, as long as all nails are included. Take the one that stinks the most, please.


Your all dicks.

(I’m pissed.)


Ahh, a cheese connoisseur… you’re in for a treat.
My left foot has a unique piquant that can only be achieved by years of maturing. The blue veins are especially prevalent even through the thick crusty rind.


Either ban this man or make him el Presidente … either one’s ok by me




If only we had offered more sausages we could have avoided this brexit fiasco.



Vein, useless, narcissistic c**t?



And your fond of Orange as well!


Morning all, sober(ish) now :-)

I got banned initially I thought, for calling someone a dick. It wasn’t an unfair comment as they were and still are a dick. There was some background to it though: @yuzoolthemes (who is a top bloke) always got a hard time on the forum. On this occasion some prick was being a dick about one of his stacks, from memory, a few of us helped solve the problem but he kept on being dick. So I told him he was a dick. Which I feel was fair enough.

The RW snowflakes threw a fit and so I was banned.

That was the “public” version of events.

The real reason is far more fun and involves a meatless dev who didn’t like my direct approach to things, and so “campaigned” to have me banned.

I’m not for one moment saying my banning was unjustified and/or that Dan et al can’t make his own decisions. I’m sure he can and I know my banning was justified, largely for telling too many dickhead users they were dickheads, so its cool. I’m pretty direct, and that’s not appreciated in some circles.

In general, there is way too much of a clique in the RW community and in particular that forum. Essentially, if your face fits and you’re willing to such a bit of cock, you’re in. If not, you’re out.

As for this place… Full of meat-eating* rejects who don’t take themselves too seriously. My kinda place ;-)

*Full disclosure: I’m veggie. But not for animal welfare reasons: Most animals are so dumb they deserve to be eaten.


What’s going on in here? Where am I? Someone’s making a bbq? Make mine a double sausage and bacon bap please. :-)


I had to change my Avatar because of that: