External monitor: An "on end" one?

I’m going to replace my external monitor. I don’t want anything too good, as I use it to see how colours on a website work on cheaper screens, as used by the majority.

I’m toying with the idea of one of them “on-end” ones, like this: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Dell-P2213-22-Inch-Widescreen-Monitor/dp/B07NNXCTG7/ref=sr_1_1_sspa?keywords=dell+p2213&qid=1562749742&s=gateway&sr=8-1-spons&psc=1

Not sure how they work in the real world though, as an external linked to an iMac.

Is there a way to have the OS “know” it’s “on end” and so adjust the display accordingly, or will it not work like that?

An old post but portrait monitors work fine on macs.

Yes, that’s what they’re called!

Thanks for the link.

Interesting link, thanks.

I’ve recently invested in a couple of 27" 4k Benqs and I had them side by side.
That’s a lot of neck work by the end of the day.

Using your link I’ve just flipped one into portrait. It’s now very ‘high’ but it’s an interesting layout; one for the app in use and the vertical one for assets, email etc.

Time will tell whether I keep it like this but it’s novel for a while and it certainly works using the rotation link.

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