F6 and the Slider Stack

@joeworkman : I posted this on the Weaver’s Space Community page, but it doesn’t seem to be showing up there. So I’m posting this issue here as well:

Re: F6 and the Slider Stack

There is a mysterious bounding box that appears around the container, visible both in preview mode and online simulation, when I click inside the actual box or on the image itself. It disappears if I click outside of the box, or on the forward/backward arrows.

There is no outline feature that I am aware of. Wondering what is going on.

P.S. There is no problem with an outline, blue in preview, grey online, if I opt for the Cates SuperFlex Gallery.

I think you might have posted this on your own page on the WS forum. I dont think you posted it to the F6 catagory. If Im correct that might be why you have not received an answer.

It appears that is exactly what I did.

Thank you.