Facebook messenger auto reply contest

Edit: chatbot contests seem to be the google search that worked. I don’t know why I couldn’t think of the word chatbot earlier.

As I’m typing it, I realize that’s a terrible title for my topic but not sure what else it’s called. I entered a contest on facebook and thought the delivery of it was pretty cool (setting aside all of FB’s horribleness and all the other things I probably inadvertently signed up for).

It was all delivered by Messenger auto-replies. There was a post from a business that said “comment on this post to get an entry”. Messenger automatically sent me a post and a few messages came in one by one, each requiring me to click a button to continue. There were ‘extra entry’ options which I didn’t do, but I presume that is where they try and get newsletter signups or whatever. See screenshot below.

Anyway, as far as user experience went, it was super easy but I’m not sure what it was called or how to do it (or what to search for). Anyone done anything like this before?