Family Trees

Hi Guys
Does anyone know anything about family trees and Gedcom docs.

If so what is the best way to get the information to display in a webpage (obviously with RW)

Im considering purchasing MacFamily Tree which works fine (I think) but it is totally prescriptive about the theme of the pages and what it does on the site.

Any info anyone might have about anything to do with this subject would be most appreciated.


Hierarchy | Stacks4Stacks by @willwood

And this old thread: Displaying genealogy / family tree - RapidWeaver - RapidWeaver Support Forum


Thanks Jannis. Appreciate the reply :)

For my family website, I use MacFamily Tree, which you’ve mentioned in your post. I highly recommend it.

This excellent app allows me to build the tree, export it in several languages with downloadable GEDCOM file and integrate it with my RW site. There is more options than I can ever use.

BTW, my comment in the link that Jannis placed is now a bit dated (I don’t use ‘Hijax’ anymore – just a simple iFrame). The app itself also evolved since then.

However, I also see the use for the ‘Hierarchy’ stack in my specific project.

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Thanks Fapkogi
Do you have a link to your project so I can see what you have done?

Sorry, Alix, that website is membership-only, but if you want, I can post some screenshots for you.

Yes please and thanks

I guess you could also use one of the many mind mapping apps to build a family tree, and use a generated html or image inside your website.

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I have a gendom file tho, Jannis with 4800+ people in it so importing this is essential. Ive down loaded MacFamilyTree and i’ll see what it does. Integrating it with RW is now the issue for me!

Thanks for your help

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If I can help you with the integration, let me know. Just send me a PM…


Thanks 😀

MacFamilyTree publishes a tree online, with a lot of different options for appearance. It also allows people to download a zipped GEDCOM file of the tree for those that want the information. It is hosted on their site. Using an embed stack, you could just put that family tree URL into your RW project.
I really like MacFamilyTree and have used it for years. They create a lot of nice reports, etc, and the exported Website options really look nice.

Personally, I’ve decided against creating a family tree online – for privacy and security reasons. Another genealogy site that I used some time ago has been hacked and a lot of data stolen.