FB Messenger stack

Hey @yuzoolthemes is the Messenger app working properly for you? I am developing a test landing page (no URL yet) and it wasn’t working in browser preview. I figured it may need to be published but it does seem to be working on the Yuzool demo site either and I wasn’t sure if it was me/my Facebook or the stack…

I’m on Messenger 1.1.3, RW 8.0.3, Stacks 3.6.6

FWIW it’s working on https://www.britonsvotingabroad.co.uk.
That’s RW 7.5, Stuffy theme.


Huh, so it is. Thanks for checking in. I’m sure Michael will check it out and see what’s what.

Thanks @jabostick - the demo site I switched it off as I no longer wanted to be getting Facebook notifications! Lol (I switched it off in the Facebook page settings)

But it should still be working as a Stack - and should work in RW browser review

What is the value you are entering into the Stack? It has to be a Facebook Page (and not a personal account)

e.g. @rob.beattie 's is “britonsabroad” from https://www.facebook.com/britonsabroad/



Ah that makes sense. It was originally a personal account for a client. I then tried with my own FB page but when I looked at your demo site, I thought it was a problem with the stack so I didn’t look into it any further. I’ll double check the settings this evening.


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