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Hello. I have noticed that the Featured Products area on the store front has changed from showing all products to just one, with a page scroller required to see each one individually. I have emailed Ecwid about this but thought I would run it past you in the meantime in case this is some sort of compatibility thing triggered by a new version of the platform. I read on RW4all that there had been some issues but these were now solved.

Hi @andiroo ,

Please refer to this thread:


Hi Ricardo

Yes, I had seen this thank you. Ecwid got back to me and confirmed that this issue was indeed related to their update, and reverted my store so it displayed correctly. They reported the build details back to their Devs so they can hopefully find a permanent solution. However, the problem has now returned, with product listings displayed as individual pages, so perhaps there is some auto update going on which is scuppering things. I have reported this back to Ecwid, and I expect you are chasing it from your end, so hopefully we can restore normality soon.

Hi @andiroo,

I am going to close this thread, as the one below is the one tracking the issue:

Please update your stacks to the latest version within RW, and restart RW, and replace the Store Stack with a fresh new one. This should take care of the issue even now that it has returned. You just need to configure the stack to display enough products per page.

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