Feed stack as a data source for Sounce Grids

Following on from several recommendations and this post praising the Feeds stack I have some questions about implementing a Grid with the data coming from a CSV file.

As I understand it, the STH stacks page is fed with data via a Feeds stack pulling the info from a CSV file.

If there comes a point, when the number of Items on the page, which I assume translates into records in the CSV file, will be too many for 1 page, is there a way to create additional pages? I can’t find this information in the Feed stack info.

Is there a mechanism with the Feeds/Source Grid implementation to split the Grid into multiple pages, in the same way that a Poster2 Grid can be split into multiple pages with a sort of Prev Next page navigation?

Also I am assuming that you could add a URL as a CSV field, linking to MD text using the MDLink stack?

PS really looking forward to the Source Feeds demo.

Additional RW pages? No.

Nothing built in but there is a setting in Feeds that allows you to limit the number of records shown. You can also use an offset with this so could set up 1 grid with records 1-16 and a second grid with records 17-32. There is also a way (that i show in the demo) where you can tap into the Grid Plus filter and categorise each record - meaning that you can show a grid containing only a certain category and/or all records/categories.

Good question! Will check that when i get a moment and report back…

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So am I.

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Damn, I was probably unrealistically expecting that it might work that way.

Feeding a grid with data is great, but for a lot of data, it really needs some pagination. I don’t really need data that is frequently updated or remotely updated, but there will be 100’s of records.