Filter / Search properties in a peoperty listing site

I’m building a owners-direct holiday rental website for an area of Spain. The site will consist of lots of property pages, each one acting as a listing for a particulr property. Each property listing page will have info on the property, and a booking system. This side of things is all taken care of.

Users can search for a property in their chosen area using @Jannis Openstreetmap stack. On it, each property is added as a marker (if you know the stack, that will sense). i also want to add in a search facility for all properties, plus a filtering system.

The search facility will be for people to search for a property by name. This is pretty easy to do, using one of the various search stacks available.

The filter system will be for people who want to see a list of properties that fit their critera. I want them to be able to filter by more than one criteria. The way I envisage this working is on the page will be a list of criteria, displayed I suspect as a group of buttons. So let’s say the criteria is… Pool. Two Bedroom. Sea view. Roof terrace. So, there will be a group of butons with those titles on them.

Users can click “two-bedroom” and “sea-view” and be presented with a list that meet that critera.

I know of a few stacks that can filter by one critera. But not more than one. I have built something very similar in Poster 2 before that does this, but it only allows for filtering by one criteria. Not sure if can be made to work with more than one?

As I’m typing that I’m thinking Alloy might work. Add each property as a blog post, then add the filters as categories. Not sure if it will also filter by two categories though. Need to have a play.

If anyone can think of any other ways to do this, or suitable stacks, let me know. Thanks.

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You can filter by one category AND one tag currently.

I guess you would like to filter by multiple categories with AND. That’s currently not possible.

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Will’s ‘Filter’ stack? Filter | Stacks4Stacks

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That looks possible. Thanks.

Steve - The YabDab Filter stack would appear to meet you criteria I believe.

Thanks. But it looks like it only allows for filtering by one criteria. I need to be able to filter by more than one. So, select all items that make X. Then filter those results by items that make another criteria.

You could take a look at Dynamic Content - Layout Pro has unlimited filter controls that can be assigned to various search terms: Dynamic Content stacks for RapidWeaver

There’s also filter buttons, but each one is just for one search term.


I used Stacks4stacks filter on this page

Dont know if its what you want?


Thanks folks. I’m kinda covered on this one for now. At the moment the project is in demo mode, so I’ve just hashed something up. If it gets legs and goes live, I’ll look at the options mentioned.

Combo filtering is possible


Hi, @yabdab Filter looked good, so I bought it to give it a try. It works well. Just one question…

What does “Sort value” in Filter Items settings do? It’s the only thing I can’t find in the manual.

Actually, two questions…

Any plans to add the option for remote images?


How the items should be sorted based on value.

Either letters or numbers

0/a = first
9/z = last

Gotchya, ta.

Does it require PHP?


I would suggest not. I would say it is pure javascript, nothing more.

Great, I’m waiting for @yabdab 's response too and if so, I’ll buy it too

It does not require PHP. All Javascript.

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