Filtered Google sheets view into Grid Iron 3

I am wondering how I might get a filtered Google Sheets view into a Grid Iron 3 table under Source. The url has a fvid reference, but there is no obvious way to enter that into the Grid Iron 3 stack inspector. My use case is I have market stall information that I want to display in a table - but only for stallholders coming in a particular month. I use a separate column for each monthly market month of attendance - and a checkbox in that month for each stallholder attending. I have created a sheets filter in the month of June where the checkbox=true — but so far, cannot make Grid Iron show anything but the full table of all my stalls.

You should be able to build a NEW sheet in the same spreadsheet with the updated data. Have you tried writing Functions in Google Sheets to reduce the data?

Hi @barchard thanks for the reply. I realised about an hour ago this was my best option as well.