First experience with WebYep 3.0.1

Hi all

I wanted to share my first experiences with WebYep3, @willwood Will’s Webyep stack and @vibralogix Adrian’s Webyep plugin for Sitelok and PHP 8.x

Fresh installation
After downloading and unpacking WebYep3 I installed and configured as usual (like v2) for a non Sitelok test site running PHP 8 and using Will’s stack. Everything run smoothly and I could add and edit content as I was used to in version 2.

In a second step I installed Sitelok and the plugin and changed the config file as described in the manual. This, too, worked as expected, no error messages related to the PHP or WebYep version whatsoever.

Update from v2
Actually, I did everything as for the fresh installation by overwriting WebYep’s program folder but leaving the data folder untouched. Also, the Sitelok plugin works as usual.

I am happy that I don’t have to worry about updates to PHP8 from hosting providers when using WebYep as CMS.

In a next step, I will carefully update existing sites I am responsible for to the new WebYep version 3.

With this, WebYep remains an easy to install and to use CMS alternative for RW/Stacks sites as well as non RW sites.

I am excited about future extensions and updates, and thanks Will @willwood for having set up your site



Hi Juergen,
interesting news…
Just now, I’m playing around for a upcoming project for a client with the fabulous easy QuickEditor from 1LD (last super update yesterday up to vers. and also easy applicable WebYepStack from @willwood (2.4.1 incl. Redacteur from Max Fancourt).
From where do you get the vers. WY3…? I didn’t find it on the S4S-Page…? and in my updater…?


Hi Roger. Check @willwood Will‘s where you‘ll find Max’ mail. You can contact him directly requesting him to send a copy of WY3

Best, Juergen

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Hi Juergen,
yes, thanks - I visited this side, very interesting »stuff«;-)
Thanks for the info…
Best Roger