First Source website

Taking advantage of the current situation, I’ve finally finished my first website built with Source. Anyone familiar with STH’s courses will recognise the influence of the various elements used there and I’d take this opportunity to commend the courses to anyone who wants to get to grips with this excellent framework.

The idea is something I’ve had for a while and I’m hoping it’ll provide me with some interesting opportunities, helping people who’ve got stuck trying to build or re-vamp a site using RW.

Along with Source, the site uses:
BWD’s Limelight
Doobox’ Contact Form
Instacks’ OpenStreetmap and Poster stacks
Stellar Stacks’ Slider stack

Here’s the site - Rapidweaver Help.



Very cool @rob.beattie!

And best of luck with this project! Looks like a very useful service.

Very nice!

Are the empty chairs caused by social distancing?


Nice idea Rob, hope it goes well, certainly is a market for it.

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