First try at Poster 2 with markdown files

I have used the following markdown files, derived from the example on
Blogging with Markdown Files
The text follows. What I get is here: ---
Can you tell me what is wrong?
Here is the content of the text file:

title: This is the blog title
slug: trying markdown
date: 2018-09-15

This is my great blog post

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, sapien platea morbi dolor lacus nunc, nunc ullamcorper.
Felis aliquet egestas vitae, nibh ante quis quis dolor sed mauris.
Erat lectus sem ut lobortis, adipiscing ligula eleifend, sodales fringilla mattis dui nullam. Ac massa aliquet.

Alternatively you can download the text file here:

Are you able to describe in more detail your issue?

There was a typo on the image path. I have corrected it. It is now

but I have the same result in the blog

Yes, the metadata in YAML format inside the text file is not parsed by the blog stack. It goes into the main content of the blog post. Also, I do not know where to put a header content in the markdown file, as it is requested by my freestyle template.

Don’t just copy and paste the content from the support page to a text file. This might lead to encoding errors. Start with a plain text file and add the content as described. Remember the YAML format has to be precise.

OK, thanks. And is there a way to make the distinction in the markdown between header and content?

Yes, the three hyphens. As said, just copy and paste the example from the website might lead to encoding issues in your text file.

Oh, you mean that the header content, as used manually in the items, is the content between the three hyphens? And where does the metadata go?

Also, are all the entries in the YAML format are required, even if no relevant info is provided?
required even if there is no slug?

or, for that matter, description entry?

Not required.

If you download the test project, you will have working markdown file examples.

Oh, I had not looked at the resources in the demo project. Thanks a lot.

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One thing to add @snorky22 - If you are using Markdown files and pictures, be sure to keep file endings consistent. By that I mean that if a file is .jpg, ensure that is what is typed into the mark down file, not .jpeg or .JPG - several times I have puzzled why a picture would not load, only to find this mistake.

Repository stack makes life so much easier BTW and you can edit files on a phone!

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