FiveShadowThing and Match Height

I am looking for a way to make FiveShadowThing work together with Joe Workman’s Match Height stack. I see a provision in Match Height for DiagonalThing (a stack I can’t find). Is there anything that can be done to achieve matching heights with FiveshadowThing? I have tried to use .com_rapidweavercentral_stacks_fiveshadowthing_stack as a selector but it does not do anything.

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If you put the 5shadows in their own match height column (a seperate stack that comes with Match Height), and then give those columns the same ID, that should work I think.

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This is a very strange one. I have no idea why it doesn’t work the way it should — maybe @joeworkman has an suggestion — but I can show you how to make it work without any convoluted effort. See below.




You need to add in Match Height IDs. Then you should place that entire layout inside of the Match Height stack.

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@joeworkman — sadly that doesn’t work.

However, @janstorms, for the time being you can achieve the desired effect by adding the following selector to the Match Height Target (see image below):


I have now added Foundation Equaliser and Match Height options to FiveShadowThing and will be updating it soon with some sexy new shadows and one minor bug fix.

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Thank you both very much! I am going to try it out and will post the results.


It works beautifully. Thank you very much, also for the new features.


Nice work. What if you used a Match Height Column inside of each column. That should totally work… if you want to send me the project and stacks, I can play around with it.

No worries, @joeworkman. Looking forward I think it’s easier for me and users if I add the Match Height Options to my relevant stacks. Obviously the RapidWeaver Central DiagonalThing option in the Match Height Target Options is confusing users and no longer necessary, so it would probably be a good idea to remove it for your next update.

Here is how you would use Match Height Columns with the Shadow Thing…

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