Fixed image not fixing in Firefox

I have a rough demo page here and I am trying to use a fixed image in a (@tav ) BWD Sections Angle. It works in Chrome and Safari but not Firefox. Any clue why?

It’s about a 1/3 of the way down, titled GOLIDZ Applications.

Anyone know why that might be?

It’s not working in Safari on my iPad either.

iOS does not support background-attachment:fixed so normal scroll on iPad is to be expected.

Looks like a bug in Firefox to me. I will investigate but as it is just one line of CSS that has worked since 2015 I suspect we will just have to wait for a Firefox update. I suspect the bug is due to fixing an element with a transform on it (i.e. the skew).

EDIT: Yes it is. If I remove the skew transformation then it instantly fixes in Firefox. That’s that then.


Beauty, thanks for investigating!

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