Footer in SOURCE?

Hi, guys,

Is there any specialized footer stack for the Source framework (the one that pulls data from RW’s General Settings)?

Any advice?

You could use a general text stack and use some templates like %footer% to get the text from the project settings.


I’m sending you to the bottom of the class in the RW Academy @fapkogi. Think that is covered in both courses. 🤣

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It is in the Lawyer one at least, as I have just finished that one!

Thanks, Jannis. I have tried to use a text stack with a macro, I just used the wrong macro.

At 72 years old, my memory is failing me. As a matter of fact, my memory has been failing me since my puberty, but now, it’s getting worse. 😟

Hey, Stuart, I hope you won’t expel me from your academy. I’m looking forward for your next course. They are both fun and educational to follow. 😋