Force Author to a new line?

Jannis — Thank you for your excellent and versatile stack. [Poster Stack]

I may be missing something obvious — but is there a way to force Author to a different line?

I am working on a project with multiple Categories, and Author repurposed to a descriptive phrase — and with more than one Category for the post and the Author field inline in the metadata, the Author will get split on a small screen. Example:

Category: [value1], [value2], [value3] Author:
[author value phrase here]

I am hoping to force Author to a new line — example:

Category: [value1], [value2], [value3]
Author: [author value phrase here]

I have tried inserting <br> ahead of “Author” in the Poster - Texts settings under Author Text, but this just renders as “<br>Author” in the page display.

Thanks in advance …

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Can you add a link @dux ? Sounds like that is text input and not HTML.
This might be possible with some CSS?

Or you could try encoded: &lt;br/&gt;

Am sure @Jannis will have an easy solution for you.

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Thanks for the suggestions @yuzoolthemes — this is indeed a text field here, in the overall Poster; a free metadata field for the Poster Item takes HTML (which is most helpful in that context and why I tried it here). I have tried the encoded forms in this field and they just render as text as well. Site is not published yet which is why the illustration above.

I had neglected to mention this is in Poster Stack so have edited above. Noob mistake.

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Hi @dux Michael,
the easiest is to add following CSS to get the author into a new line:

.blog-entry-author {
    display: block;

Cheers, Jannis


Gah. Didn’t think of that. =:-|

Thank you. Works a charm, as it should. :-)