Form Fields Inside Tooltip?

A client wants tooltips on form inputs. I’ve dropped the input stacks inside Tooltips, including the Datepicker, and it seems to work. But, before deploying, I’m wondering if there is a good reason why i shouldn’t do this?

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Never tested myself, before deploying give it a good test in touch devices too.

I haven’t test that either, I would agree with @Lucas and test it in mobile devices.

Ya, it works, but it’s not great on mobile, it makes an already busy form annoying. Certainly can’t be used on the datepicker, as the tip keeps appearing over the picker.

Think this is one of those times to tell the client no.

But, for anyone finding this, it works. Just as I say, if the form is compact and has a lot of fields, use with caution.

Have to say @Lucas the form in Ukit has been a bit of a revelation. I’ve grown used to the forms in the F frameworks, and even the standalone forms, which all hate anything other than their own child stacks being added, with many forms just not allowing it.

But the form in UIkit is really adaptable. It’s happy to have most of the layout stacks added and works completely as expected. I’ve got a few client sites to get out the door before the end of Nov, but once done I’m going to make a UiKitter project which really pushes the forms. No idea yet what it’ll be themed around, something that needs complex forms though.

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Even if you change the datepicker z-index?

Ya, I’ve got the picker at 999, and the tooltip is a bit erratic. I could try to set the tip to 998, but at this point I’d say it’s starting to get messy, for really no real purpose.

The inputs all have hints in the input boxes, I really don’t understand the need for tips. Maybe for regular inputs, if the input needs a long explanation, but certainly not the date picker. It’s not like the date picker is a new concept, difficult to understand or needs a long decription!