Formloom 4 - phone number formatting

Hi all,

Just wondering if anyone knows how to change the formatting for the telephone field from US to another country such as Australia.

This stack is the best form stack for RW, offers so much flexibility and options…however this one I just can’t work out how to change.

Currently when someone enters their tel number the prefix is +1 which is US but obviously being in Australia that is not our country code which is +61 We also have a totally different number layout…as do other countries too.

Is it possibly to change the formatting and the prefix to another country code?

There are more places that just the US…just saying 😉

Cheers Scott

Formloom does not mask ( or auto format ) any input unless specifically set to.

By default the “Phone” input does not mask. Anything can be typed in.

Is it possible your browser is formatting the input instead?

I don’t have an an example, so I am just guessing 🤷‍♂️