FormLoom4 Button Font

I’m having the hardest time trying to get the Font on the submit button to change. I’d like to use Open Sans, but I’d be happy with Arial or any other font w/o serifs. My site is and is currently set to Arial. What am I missing?

Right now you are picking up the default font family for <button> tags. The Formloom styling doesn’t apply to the button.

I’m seeing it as “SF Compact Display” on a Chrome browser (mac).


You can change that with some CSS if you like, Try:

.control-group button {
   font-family: Arial;
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Dang it, why can’t it show like that to my client? I’m showing serifs on RW preview, chrome, firebox and safari. Thanks for the CSS but it didn’t work. I even check it directly on the FL4 page and serifs there too.

It looks to me like the CSS that @Teefers gave you will work on the FL4 page you just posted. Are you sure you added it to that page?

It doesn’t work on the other page because that form is in an iFrame. It’s very hard to target CSS in an iFrame from the parent’s HTML/CSS. The CSS he gave you is correct, if you can add it to code that gets loaded in the iFrame.

So weird, I toggle from a blank theme to Foundry and toggle the “No Theme” setting off and serifs are gone. Doesn’t load up online into the FormLoom Helper stack. I’ll try a fresh project with the CSS and see what happens. I appreciate the help.

UPDATE: Mike from Yabdab reached out and I downloaded a beta version that quickly solved the issue. I appreciate everyone’s help. The additional CSS was not needed.