FormSnap3 - csv data from other place than resources

Hello to all (successful) fellow FormSnap3 users,
I would like to feed the “Select Menu” entry of Formsnap3 with csv data from another “place” than the resources folder.
I know how to change the line in the php file generated by RW to achieve this - and it is working fine.
But this requires to change the php file every time there are other changes to the file/page.
I once asked @yabdab Mike Yabreda to bake this into the stack but he said “not possible”.
Anyone with hints how to achieve this permanently?
Or other question - how many FS3 users would be willing to pay a fee for upgrading/tuning FS3 to chose the place for the csv file?

I need or would love to have that because then I can easily change the Select Menu entries with @Jannis Repository stack from anywhere on the fly (need for changes of course dates, no longer valid entries etc pp).

Thanks for answers/commitments.

Repository can also use the resources folder as root folder.

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Thanks Jannis,
where do I have to place the repository folder then?

With Repo 2, select starting from root of domain, and resources as starting folder.

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Thanks Jannis,
for pointing me to this option with Repository2. Tried it and its working fine.
Problem is: I want to have the option that clients can add/delete options on this list - and I don’t want my clients to roam around in the resources folders.

So, any suggestions from savvy weavers how to solve this?


If the resources folder has subfolders, it’s not possible to restrict them to look into these.

If your hosting provider allows you could try a symlink.