Formsplus 2

I am trying to make something with the Formsplus stack from Chilidog. I think I have found a serious error when using the formsplus 2 for a foreign language. The inputs are given a name, and as using it for Danish I need the names to be danish name. This name is then referred to in the templates by its name. And the templates will not process it because of foreign characters like æøå ÆØÅ etc. Is there any way to overcome that? Or is it a serious limitation of the Formsplus 2 stack?

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I have used the origial Formsplus and not V2. However, from memory you have to greate the template from scratch, starting with a blant text file, so I would think you can use whatever text you want.

If you are saying that that Danish text you enter in the Template is not working, then that sounds like a support question to Chilli Dog.

Ok thank you. the issue is with what they call templates, the way they employ the word template, is not what I usually understand by that word. What a template is in regard to Formsplus, is the action taken when submitting the form, like writing to a database, sending as mail, storing in a text file etc. And then the reference to the item that need so appear in the template is the name of the item, which in my case, is involving danish characters. I will submit it to Chilidog support.

Yes that is what I was referring to.

I got support from Chilidog a few hours I asked for it, on a saturday… very nice.
I got it working now. Actually there was no issue, just that in my database there is a lot of tables and the table the stack created has an obscure name.