FormsPlus file uploads


Anyone used the ChilliDog FormsPlus file upload facility?

I was hoping that the files would come through as an email attachment but cannot get this to work.

Also I can’t get the Email Template to respond wth the name of the successful upload file name. Any know how to do this?


Yes, and I have worked it out, and it’s not at all intuitive.

Give me a mo, let me fire up a project, and I’ll check.

BTW The file can’t be added to an email as an attachment, least I don’t think it can, but you can add a link to it in the receipt email (ho you do this is the not intuitive bit.)

Back soon!


Right remembered it now.

In the form submission, you need to set the “Path Format” to URL (see image).

This took me forever to work out, as it’s a completely random setting with no explanation. I did email Greg about it, suggesting he improve the setting title or summit, but it’s obviously never been done.


Oh ya, you should also add the line “File uploads: [files][success]” to the form submission email.


Thanks. It really needs some documentation to explain this.

If I set the path to URL or File System Path then the form doesn’t complete the send. Leaving it at Name (default) then it does send successfully, and the [files][success] reports the file name only and there is no indication where the file is.

This is proving very time consuming.


In truth, I did get it working for a particular purpose but soon pulled it. For a few reasons, from memory, the main one was that there is no way to delete the uploaded files once no longer needed, so client-server space was quickly filling up. It was a while ago now, so I might be wrong on that bit.

There was also from memory an issue the upload process: IIRC when the user clicked “upload” the form jumped to next section, with no message that the upload had been successful. Or something like that. It was defo something that was creating me support requests from clients.

Again, raised it with Greg but can’t recall if it was fixed as I soon stopped using the stack feature after that. I’ve slowly pulled most instances of Formsplus from all sites now as the feedback I was getting from clients wasn’t positive. Nothing wrong with the stack but users just didn’t seem to like forms split over pages.

I also recall now my final issue with the stack: When the “next” button is clicked the form floats to the top of the page, and if you have a sticky menu it floats behind it. This to me just looked amateurish, so I requested having an option added to settings for an offset. I was bounced to another dev (who I think did the coding, Greg didn’t code, or summit like that) who offered it as a paid upgrade, so I mentioned it to another dev, who added it in about 5mins for free and even sent me a how-to video to put the feature back in after an update, and it worked well but after a few updates, I got fed-up having to edit the stack. Another reason I moved on.

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Good info. I wasn’t initially a fan of the Step by Step approach but for long forms it works fine.

My expectation was that the uploaded file would be attached to the form generated email so that the customer could keep track of the info and keep an attached photo of the end customers signature. You are right to be concerned about the uploaded files needing to be deleted over time.

Back to the drawing board.


I thought that, but the feedback I got from clients was the opposite: Their users just stopped using the form (if was for booking bikes into workshops). I got this feedback from pretty much all clients: As soon as we switched to a form with steps, the online bookings slowed and the “just turn-ups” increased. We went back to a regular, albeit long, form and things went back to normal.

Obviously different for different sectors, but that was my findings.


One of the applications I am using for is an employment induction form that the new employees have to tick each section to confirm they have acted on the section and then sign it at the end, so the Step approach works well. It also hides how long the form is, in this case.


I finally figured this out. You have to also add the Online record Template Child and set the Form Submission Path to URL. Then you get an email with a link to the upload. Works fine now.

This will do and with some housekeeping to remove the uploads it should work as hoped for.

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I tried for a while a while to get him to implement conditional fields, but no, so that was a deal-breaker for me. Stepped forms are useful for massive forms when it comes to the end-user trying to find out what they may have not entered properly, when validation fails.