Foundation Box is Now Open!

Foundation Box is Open!

Foundation Box is Open!

I’m happy to announce that our project files store is finally open!

We make professional project files for Rapidweaver built with Foundation 6 Stacks only.

Each project comes in a Light and Pro version. You will be able to choose between a lighter version built with Foundation 6 stacks only; or a super-powered Pro version that features a beautiful and intuitive Total CMS Admin Area.

Check it out:


That’s a stunning piece of work, Davide, and those projects are a real bargain for users of F6 and TCMS.



Looking great. Good luck with the launch.

BTW. Looks like your home page has a CMS image problem on Safari:

Edit. The images do appear eventually, but after a long wait. Checking with Chrome, they appear instantly.

Thank you so much guys, really nice having your support! @Webdeersign It’s the second time that someone points that out. But I can’t replicate the issue. Do you have any hint on what might be causing the issue? Is it possible some Safari extension is blocking those images to load on page load?

No. I don’t have any extensions. I initially assumed there were no images but when I want back to that tab some time later, I then saw the images OK. I see they are fed by TCMS so I’m guessing the issue is related to that.

Is there an upgrade option if you purchase just the F6 Project File first and then later decide to add Total CMS capability? Or do you have to repurchase the whole project + TCMS for $50?

Hi David, yes it is possible to upgrade! It’s more convenient to purchase the Pro version at once, remember that the Pro version gives you access to the light version too.
The upgrade is not an automatic process, so if you decide to upgrade just send me an email.

@Davide, at is it possible to create a RW editing page that shows the F6 stacks as they are placed in the Project File?

I’m asking because obviously buying a project file will require editing the file, and I’d like to know how extensive the editing is going to be, and the easier it’s going to be to just navigate the stacks in the editing page, the easier it’s going to be to edit the content.

For example, Stacks 4 has a built-in feature whereby each Stack can be named, and then Notes can be added for that particular stack.


This Title and Notes section seems to be eliminated in Foundation 6 so maybe this is something for @joeworkman more than you.


But at least the Notes section is still present in Source from @habitualshaker


Maybe @isaiah wants to contribute to this. As Stacks-based frameworks are going to become more and more dominant in the RapidWeaver universe, if not take it over altogether, the days of drag and drop are about over–unless folks buy Project Files such as yours and @Webdeersign, which do have some drag-and-drop-type-utility, as long as the Project File is navigable to begin with, so end users can get a glimpse of what’s going on.

Maybe it’s possible to color-code the stacks in addition to naming them?

I’m just trying to figure out how to figure things out.


What’s the price for an upgrade after buying the regular version?

@davidfreels Prices are different for each project. In general If you buy there light version of a project and then decide to upgrade the total price will be 4 or 5 dollars over the price of the Pro version itself.

For what concerns those Title and comment areas it all goes back to @joeworkman decision to make his stacks as minimal as possible in order not to have a big setting area (Among other reasons).

When I need to take notes I use the free Pen Stack to make those notes more noticeable. Check out how the edit mode Foundation Box projects are marked in edit mode

The Pen Stacks gives you a much better and graphic way to take notes and at the same time put order in your projects.

Thanks @Davide. I’ll check that out.

You don’t have the tutorials in the FoundationBox.Studio menu. I looked around trying to find something.

Do you have video tutorials as well? If not, is that a possibility?

2–Is this page a TCMS page?

Makes sense. Thanks.

There are tutorial pages for every project in each website previews. For instance

And yes, the page you posted is done with Total CMS. Just to clarify, the structure of the page is still built with Foundation 6. TCMS handles all the dynamic content of the page (Text, Images, Blog…)

Nice work Davide. Sharp looking stuff!


Some stunning work there! Cheers