Foundry Menu change breakpoint?

I know yer man who made Foundry is determined not to let anyone change anything to do with the code of Foundry, cus the sky will fall in for some other such BS.

But, has anyone ever worked out the CSS to change the breakpoint for Nav Bar?

I remember once having a dig around it myself, but my CSS skills fell short.

Open invite for anyone to post “This is not a feature of the stack” ;-)

If you do ever work this out (and the other locked down settings) you could have a go at your 1st stack.
You could call it ‘This IS a feature of this stack.stack’ or ‘Underpinnings.stack’

Though that last one maybe a bit confusing… ummm… I’m sure there’s a better name than underpinnings, something that indicates that it’s the supporting structure for everything else, I’ll have a think.


Ya, and get a stream of ridiculously long passive aggressive “why do you have an issue with me?” type of messages from the dev?

No thanks. Been there, done that, gave up bother to read them.

I have certainly requested this feature but it is what it is, and behaves the way it behaves.

I think what some developers don’t realise is that when some essential features are missed, out that the navigation can be a reason not to chose a whole framework. Joe’s Foundation does have this breakpoint adjust feature (yes this is a feature of Joe’s stack) and it is such a basic requirement that when you don’t have it, that it is impossible to understand why it is not included. For really simple, sites with a small number of pages, the Foundry Nav Bar works well and is easy to create an attractive navigation, but when the number of pages or the length of the page titles grows beyond a critical size, then the Foundry Nav Bar can become a project show stopper. Trying to adjust the titles or pages or reconfigure to use drop-downs, is usually not a solution.

I haven’t dug into the CSS, but I suspect that the breakpoint is accessed many times throughout the Nav bar code and it is probably much more than one simple media query. Navigation stacks are probably the most complex stacks to create and why there still isn’t a really good one available. Ironically, Bootstrap4 has excellent navigation built in so you could try to use the core B4 code. Bear in mind that Foundry is based on an early Alpha Bootstrap version, so the code will have changed in the current final release of B4.

However, I have learnt to try to work around the Foundry Nav Bar by using a PaddyVis to hide the Nav bar when the text items reach their minimum width and then I chose another non Foundry Nav option for the smaller width sizes. This is a lot of time consuming faff for what could all be avoided if there was a user setting for the transition to mobile. Unfortunately, that is not a feature of the stack.

Ya, didn’t think it was going to be easy. Oh well.

I only use Foundry as I like Mega Menu (although not using it in this instance) and I find it faster in preview than Foundation. I don’t use a single Foundry stack other than the style and menu, as I prefer alternatives and use warehouse’d images exclusively. So really, all I use it for is the theme, styles and menu.

Hopefully, someone soon will make a simple framework with the Core features that we need, and no more.



Definitely not a mega menu, but have you had a look at Yuzool’s Navigation? It has become my go-to navigation stack. It does (almost) everything a good menu stack should- breakpoint is where I set it, use an a good for the logo, several options for appearance, and- most importantly- it acts like a menu should on mobile devices (something TopBar can’t claim). At first I thought it was rather $$$ at $40, but in reality, it’s worth every penny- even if it’s just going into one site. Spread it out over several (or dozens in my case), and the cost is peanuts.