Foundry V2 - Thoughts?

I’ve been catching up on Adam’s forum about the new Foundry update. Anything grabbing your guys’ attention. Looks like he’s finally adding warehousing.

Any early reviews?

Going by the new Foundry site at, it hasn’t slimmed down and takes a long time to load that home page. Running it through Kingdom Tools shows:

That’s a lot of Script and CSS - 1.4Mb!!! Foundry2 wins the bloat award by a mile. I assume it’s still based off an Alpha version of Bootstrap4 and with Bootstrap5 due to appear very soon that seems an opportunity missed.

Also noticed that the BG video doesn’t run on mobiles and the lack of control over when the navigation switched to below 768px continues. For a handful of pages the navigation looks pretty but I cannot understand why it is so rigid. The inflexible navigation is still a showstopper IMHO.

Watching some of the videos made me wince a bit when I saw all of the settings in some of the settings.

What I do think is really good is that Foundry1 sites work with Foundry2 so a total rebuild is not required and it looks like all of the documentation is in place.

I didn’t get the impression that warehousing has been added and saw a reference to using the S4 image stack if you wanted non local images, but may be uninformed here. I very much doubt that real warehousing has been added for every image feature.

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You’re probably right. I saw the ‘remote images’ option in his launch email and assumed it was warehousing…

That’s probably my main drawback with Foundry. I like working with it but I’ll shy away from it unless I know I have ‘creative control’ over the site I’m working on. I’m paranoid I’ll get a ‘that’s not a feature of this stack’ and have to start over or something. Even smaller stuff like the incomplete list of FA icons is a pet peeve. Agreed that the nav is a big one but I haven’t watched the video on that yet.

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Real remote images, or drag n drop for those who prefer that method:

Screen Shot 2020-03-03 at 5.02.24 PM


" Remote Images - Many of Foundry’s image-based stacks can now use remote URLs for linking to your image assets in addition to the normal drag-and-drop functionality." according to the new Foundry site.

So many but not all, but that’s a lot better than none. The Packs have not had any updates so still don’t use warehousing. Or Remote as Adam confusingly calls it, claiming that Warehousing is “not even a thing”.

That was my terminology.

Ha. Although you use the term warehouse images together with remote.

" Use various image sources:

  • Drag and drop images (including thumbnail creation in original aspect or square)
  • Single warehouse images (via Remote Image Stack Integration)
  • Web Directory / FTP Folder Support "

So you make it pretty clear.

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Also it should have been tested on WIn10 Edge and Win10 Firefox before being released. Lots of positioning errors are screwing up the new Foundry site.

It is still based on Bootstrap 4 alpha. So any fixes regarding the main code aren’t included. Doesn’t mean anything though…

I think it is just the way that the Overlap stack works, which isn’t a core part of Bootstrap 4 Alpha AFAIK.