FREE for FOOD BUSINESSES: Axyn ECWID Stacks + a free and complete ECWID eCommerce solution!

Restaurants and other Food Services have been hit hard during these difficult times (mine included), many closed and others now forced to sell only via carry-out or delivery orders. If you think that creating an ECWID online store can help one of these businesses, Axyn Technology and ECWID are here to help.

If you are a restaurant owner ( or a designer volunteering your time to help build a restaurant/food service online ordering system ) then I would like to help by providing a free copy Axyn ECWID Stacks, specifically for this purpose. And a free special eCommerce for restaurants with ALL the tools needed to succeed, free for the entire 2020 year!! This is not the normal free limited account from Ecwid, it was especially designed to help restaurants and other food service establishments during this crisis.

To get this, please follow the instructions provided on the Ecwid Stacks Product page, to create your new Ecwid Store for that restaurant. I will then provide you with a free copy of the current version of the Axyn Ecwid Stacks, and the ECWID eCommerce account is FREE for 2020.

Iā€™m very happy to be developing stacks for and working with Ecwid. Helping one another is paramount at this time.




Hello all,

I made some changes on the procedures to sign up for a free Ecwid eCommerce account and the free version of the Axyn Ecwid Stacks. I have a guided procedure.

Please visit the Axyn Ecwid Product Page to get started.