Free Live Tutorial Support Webinars

Every Wednesday at 5.00PM we hold a live support and tuition session for those who need help on specific module issues as well as those who wish to delve deeper into the Duckensian world of RapidWeaver Web Design. These ‘live tutorial’ sessions are completely free and often encompass many other aspects of webdesign.


  • To overlap content with BluePrint
  • To master BluePrint Sidebar
  • To mask Content With Gradients
  • To use Sections Pro, Sections Box, Blueprint Child stacks
  • To animate elements with Sections Pro and Sections Box
  • To animate elements with ScrollMate 2
  • To work with Google Fonts
  • To use BluePrint to make Responsive Design easier
  • And much much more…

Final Two Sessions this year:

  • Dec 12, 2018 5:00 PM — FULLY BOOKED
  • Dec 19, 2018 5:00 PM — FULLY BOOKED

This thread is now closed. See new post here for details about our 2019 webinars.


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Wed 12th for me please.

Oh, and brilliant idea.

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Sounds great but I won’t be able to do either this time round. Look forward to joining in next year, though.

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And of course New Zealand it will be 6am on the Thursday.

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Noted. Fixed.

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When will the first webinar happen?

They’ve been going for more than a year now, happen every Wednesday, and last for two very long hours!

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Now I see…

You’ll need to register by clicking the blue link above.
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Kind of weird how is says 4am though - is that the cumulative result of x2 daylight savingses?

I think it’s UK summer time. 2am for Sydney would be correct if it was summer in the north and winter here. Otherwise it should be 4am (3am in Brisbane). The temperature here is 32 C so I think it’s heading into summer!

Cool stuff 👍🏽 Great idea!

I suspect it’s as @wirrah suggests — I probably put these timezones up in the summer when I posted the last crop of webinar dates. I’ll take another look at them when I stop feeling jealous of his 32º.

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I could so do with this but I am not free on those days. Will join in the New Year.

Not sure what your problem is. Even though it’s only 30º here, I’m not jealous!
But then – last night, we only had 12º and central heating is unheard of!

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Ive been attending these seminars since they first started and my web design and tech ability has rocketed. No longer am I confined to designs and themes that others have made - I can now put any design together (with a it of luck and the wind in the right direction)

And also they are fun, I really enjoy them, even if we are going over things I already know. Weds webinars are quite the high light of my week!

Thank you Marten for giving up your time to do these. Well worth it.

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Are these webinars recorded so they can be accessed at a later date?

No. Aside from privacy issues — with attendees sharing their screens etc — there are also times when the content may be personal and the language ‘colourful’.

I also have no wish for decent people to witness the dog’s abuse I get from some of the attendees on a weekly basis.


lol actually its the other way around… Marten gives us hell!! Don’t share a site with him, by the time he is finished its changed out of all something or other lol!! (And don’t tell him that it looks better after his abuse, cause he might get a big head!!)

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