Free Live Tutorial Support Webinars

Great to have free live tutorials!
Am not seeing any info on topics to be discussed at specific sessions.
Would be useful to know to decide when to attend.

At the moment topics are reactive and generally depend on the issues attendees bring to the table. In other words if you have a real-world design problem you would like solved we’ll take a look at it.

If you would like to learn something specific, then simply attend and let me know what it is prior to the session.

Webinar Times Around The World

Please note: these are general times and do not take Daylight Saving Times into account.


Pacific Standard Time (PST) = 09.00AM
Mountain Standard Time (MST) = 10.00AM
Central Standard Time (CST) = 11.00AM
Eastern Standard Time (EST) = 12.00PM


RapidWeaver Central Time (RWT/GMT) = 5.00pm
Western European Time (WET) = 5.00pm
Central European Time (CET) = 6.00pm
Eastern European Time (EET) = 7.00pm


Bangkok, Thailand = 12.00pm
Tokyo, Japan = 2.00am
Sydney, Australia = 4.00am
Auckland, New Zealand = 6.00am