Free Project: PosterGallery: Galleries within galleries

With the help of Jannis from Instacks and the wider RW4All community I’m happy to add another Poster based project to my little collection of free downloads.

What is Poster? It’s a brilliant stack by @Jannis:

What is PosterGallery? It’s a gallery system for adding many galleries to a page without affecting load times.

There are two examples in the free to download project file…

  1. PosterGallery. For this you will need Poster & Gallery3 from Instacks and optionally Repository too.

  2. PG Lite. For you this you only need Poster!

Demo project and details are here:

Get it here:


I’m not a pro dev, I just make stuff out of existing stacks, often using them in ways they were not initially intended, and normally when I’m hungover and can do nothing more productive.

As such, they ain’t perfect! So use at your own risk, etc.

other than using their products, occasionally making their lives hell and hurling abuse at them, I’m in no way associated with the devs of the stacks I use.


Thanks Steve, look forward to trying it out.

Thanks @steveb

Don’t forget a glass of water in between ;-)

Thanks Steve — have downloaded to evaluate.

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