FreeForm Pro-EasyDB (Updates) - Dynamic Content

FreeForm Pro Has Launched !

WHAT CAN EasyDB's FreeForm Pro DO FOR YOU ?

• Do you display more than a handful of content, products, services or people ?
• Do you need to give visitors a way to easily find what they are looking for ?
• Do you want to layout dynamic content in a custom layout on the page ?
• Do or your customers need an easy way to manage content online, in a simple to understand way ?

If you’ve answered yes, then I urge you to take a good look at the EasyDB Suite & especially FreeForm Pro. In a nutshell, FreeForm Pro allows dynamic content to be displayed wherever you wish.

Just a few of the features:
• Move Content in 3rd-Party stacks
• Customizable Filters
• User Roles
• On-line Editing
• Image/Files Auto-uploads
• Detail Page Support
• Gallery Skins

Take a look at the quick intro to FreeForm Pro:

Take the new ‘EyeWear Collections’ demo for a spin and don’t forget to look at the Feature Comparison chart.

Please visit the EasyDB product page

Are you ready to make your site dynamic today ?


FreeForm Setup Pro: 2.03
New Features:
• Added image thumbnail previews.
• Added image thumbnail reset, if user changes mind before updating.
Bug Fixes:
• Added additional support for inStacks Gallery lightbox editing.
• Cleaned up image edit panel styling.

With this update, existing image thumbnails are displayed so it’s super easy to see what you’re editing.

The other BIG NEWS is that I have updated support to include the fantastic gallery/lightbox stack Gallery from inStacks. FreeForm Pro supports all of the 11 different layout styles and 6 different light boxes.

Jannis, from inStacks, has been kind enough to offer a 30% discount on Gallery 3 thru the end of August - just use coupon: 9DC95C12

Thanks, Bill


Great stuff Bill!

I hadn’t seen it, really interesting, even the internal organization of the stack and the options ,really nice!

Hey Everyone,

Just wanted to let you know a bunch of features / bug fixes mainly for FreeForm Pro were released in Oct. and I just released some more for TextGrid & FreeForm Pro for Nov.



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