From Weavers Kingdom back to Archetypon

Hi everyone,

I’m setting Archetypon as the main source of my web products. A little short after changing to Weavers Kingdom I began developing stuff for the Blocs application as well: it went quite well I must say, so much so that the ‘weavers’ in Weavers Kingdom made no more sense although I still make stuff for RapidWeaver as you may know.

Meanwhile I’ve a bit of lost the counting, but I guess I’m developing for RapidWeaver alone for about a decade now.

Anyways…I’ve already got together a new website for Archetypon:

I’ll try to make the transition back to Archetypon site as smooth as possible, get all support running fine etc, but if you guys get any issues please let me know.

More news on this shortly…



Great looking unique site.

Thanks Gary, appreciated.

Finally :-) I really like the old/new name much better… Thanks!

btw: I love the card bric. Any chance you can sell us a card stack for RW?



Thanks jan. Yep sure, will do it for sure!


Always preferred the old name

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I wasn’t a fan of the Weavers Kingdom name either. Weavers to me, are Weaver Fish - a nasty poisonous fish that buries itself in sand in shallow water in the sea where I live, that will pump its poison into your foot if you stand on one.

Archetypon is much better.

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Nice site @Lucas! Glad to the old name back.

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The card bric is vey impressive. Great work!!
Beautiful website too.

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Good news Lucas, Being a typographer at heart I always preferred Archetypon.

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Learn more about 3D Portfolio this link is not leading anywhere

Thanks Kent.

Wishing you all the best.
Love UIKIT. Hope you keep it going.

Best George

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Yuzoolthemes made a Cards stack like this sometime ago, but I don’t know the current status.

Thanks, I had been using it but responsiveness was lacking…