FTP stack or similar

Someone has asked if I can allow their clients to upload their cvs to the website. Didn’t Weaver pix used to do this , ?? buts its probably out of date now. Any suggestions please. They could of course just email them !! but its been asked for

Total CMS from Joe Workman, or in fact Easy CMS would probably do?

TotalCms has file depot built in. I think @Jannis from instacks has a stand alone system also.

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I would think that inStacks file repository would be an ideal solution that is really quick to setup and has every feature you would want. Alternatively for a simpler solution, you may be able to use the free S4S Fileman which is also quick to setup and use.


Thx everyone - ill go for Repository as I’m not really a Total CMS user.

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I have to say that Repository is one of the most useful stacks I use and initially didn’t think I would use it much but it gets used a lot.


I’m sure stacks4stacks do a free one @willwood ?

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FileMan. And, indeed, it’s free…

thank you ill have a look now as well - cheers all

if I may expand this a little, how would you allow a customer to handle the downloads? I think a ftp program might be a bit scary to them , plus it allows staff access to the server , which may not be a good idea either !!

Or does Repository handle this as well?

Repository has a simple download stack included as well.

excellent thank you Jannis , so the customer will be able to download clients cvs from their website /? or another way

@sa3305 I’m not sure exactly what you want to do: the original description is a bit ambiguous. But with Repository there should be no problem with uploading or downloading. However, if the clients can upload their CVs this also means other clients can see those CVs. This likely isn’t a problem at all but just wanted you to know.

If you provide a more thorough description of what you need to do, and what “protections” need to be in place, then we can help you out more. Repository is a wonderful stack that covers many different scenarios.

yes of course - I need to allow clients to upload their cv’s via the website. Repository can do this Jannis said. So that’s fine , but I wasn’t sure the best way to allow the website owner to download these files so they can handle them internally in the office ( with several staff having the ability to check for downloads). Jannis said there is a stack to allow this , I was asking Jannis if this is done through the website or in some other way . So multiple staff members can download if ness. Not sure protection is ness , if they go to the server ?

I can’t comment about the protections needed as you don’t know yourself. But the key is if multiple clients can upload to the same folder they could of course delete other client CVs. Depending on the situation this may be a non-issue.

If they are uploading to the same folder the cool thing is it only takes one click of a button to download ALL the CVs in the folder. Repository combines them into a zipped folder and downloads them. Quick and elegant.

You can also set up notifications: to one person or multiple. So when a new CV arrives there is instant email notification about it. Again: a very very useful and nice feature.

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You seem to be overcomplicating what I think you are trying to achieve here. Why not get people to email their CVs to a single email address.

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@Webdeersign, yes I know !! but its not me making the decision on this - its been requested - and as im sure you’ve all experienced customers requests. Its a long story !! I would offer the same suggestion. simple and quick resolution to a non problem. @mitchellm , I dont think this protection will be an issue as they will be cleared daily.
thank you all for taking the time to respond , much appreciated. And thanks for explaining the Repository download process

Repository is a great stack and has many different uses. When you do need protection it also provides it’s own (password, username) if needed. But it also combines with SiteLok very nicely. I create educational course websites and Repository is used on every one of them: in my case for students uploading their work. One click and I can download everyone’s work. Easy peasy.

In my case SiteLok is critical for security to keep out non-registered students.

Put differently I think Repository will serve you well in the future: not just for this client but for many other uses.

Totally agree.