Future Stacks Announcement

I have seen a lot of concerned and anxious developers and designers. I have been in the RW community since version 1. I get it! Really I do. :-)

Your business is in many ways completely dependent on Stacks getting this right in a reasonable amount of time. Please remember this was involuntarily put on him. Isaiah did not ask for this and had for many-many years refused to break away from you the community and develop his own stand alone app even though he has been begged to do so. He has been unbelievably loyal and patient with the intention to take care of you, the users!

Having personally communicated with Isaiah I can assure you Yourhead Software is VERY aware and sensitive to your needs. They know who is making them successful. It is the people, all of you. All users and developers alike. Isaiah is not a lone wolf running his own game. He is part of this community and he takes his role seriously!

I have seen all the comments, name calling, insinuations, assumptions and most of the facts. It is obvious RW and Stacks are going in different directions and at this time they will be two different apps with two different communities. Both have announced this to be true. Let’s just face it and deal with it. It’s going to be okay.

I have heard numerous people claiming or at least concerned that Stacks might not happen, that it is vaporware. I don’t see how this concern can even be entertained given Isaiah’s past history. I don’t think Stacks 5 App is vaporware. That term is usually associated with companies that don’t live up to their own created hype. Yourhead Software has consistently over delivered what they say they are going to do. They have consistently over delivered on support and bug fixes. There is no reason I can think of to not believe that Stacks 5 is going to happen and that people will be thrilled with it.

In regards to planning your business for the future. Stacks still has the entire developers community behind them. Sure some are supporting both RW and Stacks platforms. Some are also supporting other apps as well. These are indie developers making amazing software and thinking outside the box to make a living. They are fully invested in your success as this ensures their success. Just keep making your websites and building your own business. Yourhead and Stacks and stacks and the other developers will all be here.

It’s going to be alright! In the end this is going to be great for the Stacks community. Just push through. :-)


It’s going to be better than that. It will be bloody marvellous.

I’m sure others have noticed that there are a small number of new forum members that seem incapable of understanding plain English and then refuse to comprehend the clear answers to their questions. These insurgent disrupters appear to have an agenda to sow seeds of doubt about anything that challenges the Church of RealMacology and to point blame at Stacks developers for not supporting Elements.

It is clear as night what is going on and who’s directing the disruption.


Exactly. Those guys came to this forum only to disrupt it. I think they are Dan’s agents, because they use his words. They truly deserve to be banned (at least 4 names to be considered at this time).


Folks, let’s keep this civil. Move on! If those individuals cause issues — deal with them at that time. In the mean time, just drop it. Please. We are a community. Not a war zone. Peace starts with me is the attitude that wins. Am I part of the solution or part of the problem? Not asking you to be a doormat. Just don’t provoke. Deal with it one person at a time as it happens.


@Mark – I agree with you wholeheartedly. But we are not the provocateurs. They are. Some of us tried to give them explanations. But they were just pulling our legs and harassing us. I think there is no need to name names at this time.

Thanks. We having an eye 👀 on them.

Till then: Happy weekend everyone!


Let’s try to not pour more oil into the fire by all the “We” and “They.” RW4ALL has it in it’s name to not be a community with pre-conceived walls, that’s why I am here. This community is strong and diverse, it can handle diverging opinions w/o having to ban people and creating a bubble of only like-minded peers.

Unfortunately, this situation is likely fractioning the community of users and developers. Yet, I think, we as members of the community don’t have to actively drive this polarization. Extremism doesn’t do us any good in the world, and it won’t do us any good here.


My Opinion:

  1. Stacks 5 will be a version 1 app. Buggy and unstable will be words on the support log. Guaranteed.
  2. Rapidweaver 9 will be the first time the app you love will be creating it’s own ecosystem. That will be less problems in the long run but also the words Buggy and unstable will be inside the support log too.

Both apps are going to mess my workflow and my business. Both apps will push me to work double and redesign websites. Both apps can be installed on my Mac or none of them be part of my business future.

That internal beef is destroying both businesses.

@albertkinng please consider completely rewriting this post.

Almost every sentence is difficult or impossible to understand fully and you have failed to explain any of your speculation.

Also you have put the post in the wrong place.

Albert can you please stop flooding the forums (yes plural) with your panic attacks. Reality is we have RW8 + Stacks + stacks, we have two developers creating new apps. That’s it, the rest is in your mind. Will it hurt your business? You don’t know! Both apps could turn out the best thing since sliced bread and make your business soar (though I doubt it because your mindset probably will be the limiting factor). To quote Robert Anton Wilson: “Whatever the thinker thinks, the prover proofs.” (Read his books, you’ll be pleasantly surprised).


I think that the transition to either platform will be equally fraught, but if you’re a stacks user it seems pretty obvious that Stacks App will be the way to go. I don’t concur that there will be less problems with RW9, in fact, there’s the very real and apparent possibility that it may not be an option at all, depending on how reliant one is on stacks and how effective the “transpiling” to Elements is.


Albert, Stop! You must accept that 2 Apps is the reality, period. You can either wait to see how this plays out or find alternate solutions for your business. THEY ARE NOT GOING TO WORK THIS OUT AND MAKE OR ALLOW STACKS TO RUN IN RAPIDWEAVER.


These are not panic attacks. These are deliberate attempts at disrupting and harassing legitimate users of this forum.

To all Dan’s agents who decided to join this forum:

Stop your ridiculous claims and predictions. We put our faith into a business model that is more suitable for us. You can go your own way. We have nothing against your own choice. Please, do not concern yourselves with our future as web designers.


This is the first time I share my opinion here. The first. I’ve been reacting to what is publicly shared on any forum because that’s what forums are for. It will be hilarious if someone is banned from a forum just for doing exactly what the forum is designed for. I’m not attacking anyone, I’m not insulting anyone and I’m not being part of any side of this big mess. Because that what it is a mess.

I’ve been working in the design business for more than 25 years. I use many tools for web development. One of them is Rapidweaver. I Respected their business as a very stable and professional company since they started. Even if they created apps that were game changers and then suddenly they no longer exist. I supported them always. Bought all those apps. Not even one complain at all. I’m basically a loyal Realmac Consumer, not a Dan’s alliance member or whatever the label you want to put on a person who buy their products.

My opinion is all about a consumers perspective. If that is not important for the people betting on a new business path then the red flag is right at the beginning because we are the ones who need to trust your business! Just respect a man opinion. The same way I respect all your points of view even if they don’t make sense sometimes.

Lots of good vibes for all.


Albert, I understand and can relate to what you are saying. Really I do. None of this is easy for any of us.

The issue is not that this doesn’t suck. It does. The issue is that we cannot rehash this over and over.

I get this is the first time on this forum. But not the first time you have said it on a forum.

This community is fragile. Arguably there are people on it that have already left and won’t be back. Other people are still trying to find their way.

Unfortunately the RW forum is becoming less and less a support forum for Stacks and more for only RW core. That is Dan’s choice.

What happened there with the negativity and censoring by users and developers alike cannot happen here. This is the only forum left that is trying to stay neutral at this time.

Sadly this it’s about image. We have to hold it together. Sometimes that means not stating the obvious until there is a solution to the problem. Doris of like pulling off a scam before it is done. The scab protects the wound as it heals from underneath, then all of a sudden one day things are healthy again and it doesn’t hurt to touch that spot.

This is where this community is right now. We have to hang tough. The developers are programming and planning. They will get it done. They are all experienced and good at what they do. Before long Alpha versions, Beta versions and then Release Candidates. Let’s just not pick the scab.


Understood. With you 100%.

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That’s a joke.



This forum has no position on anything, but it tends to attract the movers and shakers, the deep thinkers, the code hounds and the style cats, and those who will question and call out any misinformation or attempts to pervert the course of what’s really happening.

Visitors from other forums may find this unsettling.

Free speech is encouraged and nobody gets banned. We also enjoy a good joke.


Get back to me when you find the SPIES lol

" To all Dan’s agents who decided to join this forum:"

Like many other forums taking after Q-forums, it’s rife with conspiracy theories and conjecture rather than help and facts.

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