Galleries in Main Content of Poster 2 Stacks

I have a problem with using Gallery 3 (or ProGallery3 by Stacks4Stacks) with remote directories.

When I point my gallery( inside the main content) to a hosted folder of images, things do not seem to work. When I use these gallery stacks on normal pages, it works nice.
However, when inside a content page, I suspect the relative path defined in the gallery stacks is incorrect.

Is there a way to know the hierarchy of the main content page?
I do not use pretty URLs.


You need to post examples.

Poster 2 is not working without pretty URLs at all.

Here is a link to a test site
I use pictures that have been uploaded through a hidden repository page. They are in the site hierarchy.
I uses to gallery stacks: gallery 3 by yourself and Progallery 3 by Stacks4Stacks (first two pages within poster 2).
The third page is the same blog pages without the third item that uses gallery.
Finally, the two last pages show the galleries by themselves, i.e. without Poster 2.
The page titles should be self explaining.
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I should add that in the two galleries inside Poster 2, the images are referenced by a relative path to the folder that contains the images.

You aren’t able to include such PHP stacks inside Poster 2 items currently.

Thank you very much for your time. I will follow your advice.