Gallery 3 and Limelight?

I can’t seem to get Gallery 3 to work when it’s inside a Limelight. I think I’ve seen a thread about this before, but can’t find it.

Before I start digging… Will G3 normally work when it’s inside an LL?

I’ve got LL setup as a type of tab system in the above mentioned example that doesn’t work. I’ve since tried G3 is various third party tab stacks and none work. I can guess why: It’s to do with page loads, content sizes, JS, etc.

What I need to do is setup three or four galleries in some sort of tabbed system. Anyone any suggestions?

EDIT: Poster almost works!


Gallery stack hides its content until all JS is done. Maybe @tav had an idea.

Limelight provides a callback when it is loaded that can be used to trigger a refresh method in another stack

Alternatively limelight provides a refresh method to support a callback from another stack.

It therefore just depends which if either method Gallery 3 supports.

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Can you point me to the documentation?

I’ve got things working using Poster, so for now on this one I’m sorted. Not wanting to speak for him, but suspect Tav’s gonna be too busy with other things for a while (it’s why I didn’t tag him) so if a solution to use LL comes along at some point I’ll swap to it, otherwise consider this thread solved.

EDIT: That came across as a bit preachy! Sorry, not meant too.

Yes, I’m tied up with the house move, thanks for the consideration.

The event handlers are listed in edit mode via the “show trigger classes” checkbox in the settings. These are just the basic ones but infix:open(event, instance) from memory will be all you need, There are more that fire when data has loaded but before opening etc etc but I doubt you’d need these.

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