Gallery 3: cannot load images any more

I’m running Big Sur 11.4, RapidWeaver 8.9.1 with Stacks 4.2.2 and Foundation 6. I’ve used Gallery 3.11.1 extensively in image rich site Shells Stories. Last night, having complete 2 months of research on a new section, I wanted to start loading the next 800 images, and found that I couldn’t load any new images to Gallery 3… When I tried to drag and drop images as before, I waited until the image focus was active (blue highlight) and released the image. It was not uploaded.
To debug this, I created a new project file with one page, site styles , one container and Gallery 3. I still could not upload an image

Adding images to Gallery Stack is a general Stacks plugin functionality, not specific to Gallery Stack.

Can you post screenshots showing this behavior?

Apologies, this may not be entirely a Gallery 3 issue. For image sorting and metadata management I work a lot in Adobe bridge, and usually drag images from there to e.g. Joes image stack or into TCMS without issue. I used to be able to do the same with Gallery 3. I can drag and drop images from Finder no problem. Any idea what might be the issue with using Bridge.

I guess that’s Stacks Plugin not recognising it as an image. @isaiah

Beside this, how many images would you like to display in one gallery? 800? What about loading them from a web folder?

The images are firstly split 400 for desktop and 400 for mobile, then in this particular case across some 35 galleries for each device. The galleries are split across multiple pages that matches the classification of the animals photographed, and the number of images per page kept down to give reasonable performance.
I always use the Alt tag and have specific names for files, which is why I don’t load them from a web folder.

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@AndrewP I was taking a look at Shells Stories, a great site and beautiful images. Please post a link to the site with 400 images, once complete - I’d love to take a look.

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Thanks for your comments! I pushed the site to production a few weeks back. The prod URL is Reef Image-Stories - Help save our reefs! There are currently about 1300 images on the site at the moment, and I’m slowly adding the various fish groups, which means there are some 500 additional images on their way. The background to the site is given here: Reef Image-Stories - Help save our reefs!