Gallery 3 file names help

Hi Folks,

I’m using the most excellent Gallery 3 stack (which I love by the way!) and I’d like to show the file names for each image below it. Not the lightbox version, although that would be great too, but the thumbnail.
I’m using the FTP Directory option and have uploaded about 80 images to the directory on the server. I have ticked ‘Filename’ in the options but I’m not seeing a name? Any ideas.

Other than the names it’s working perfectly so I know I’ve uploaded properly


Hi Roger, a URL please :)

Hi Jannis,

edit: url removed.


Sorry, the masonry grid does not support captions inside the grid, as it would distract the design.

Maybe try the justified grid, that has a caption display on hover setting.

Ha… As simple as that. Thanks Jannis. Masonry is not important so I’ll try justified.

I’m going to remove the link as its just for development atm


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