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Hejsan I am enjoying the Gallery 3 stack from Instacks. I have one question, I am using the FTB/web folder function, and I have made the thumbnails folder in the folder of the normal images. I have named it thumps as per the directions from Instacks. So for the stack to recognize my thumbnails, the only thing needed is to name the thumbnail folder thumps? so that the directory to them would be /portraetter_opdateret_2020/thumps - everything is working fine, but I am unsure whether the stacks read the thumbnails at all. Or is there anything more I have to do.

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Thumps or thumbs?

Oh OK I got it wrong I think, I used “thumps”, have just corrected it, but it only shows the tumbnails in the lightbox.

the directory is: /portraetter_opdateret_2020/thumbs now - thank you

Yes I got it working. It was litereally so simple as just put the thumbnails in a subfolder named “thumbs” - not “thumps” - the absolute path in the stack should just be the main folder. Thank you Webdeersign. Need to improve my English :-)

Amazingly easy to use this stack. Now this gallery I have made is for a really difficult client. He has the most peculiar taste in design. I have made most of the site editable in Pulse. But he did not like the pulse gallery. So I turned to this one, it has several different styles, and by Gods Grace he like one of them :-), and because he will be able to update the gallery himself by simply uploading new pictures with the correct file name. The pictures are numbered, so he just need to put the correct number first and then the file name. The file names are used as captions. So really, really nice. The way he will be able to update is by the “Repository” stack. Another very easy stack to use. I use it all the time myself, to upload, delete etc from a server. You can get links from the stack very easy. I use this stack on a daily basis at the company I work.


You will struggle to find a Gallery better than the inStacks one.

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I’d be really interested to see the finished Gallery when it’s done. Thanks!

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OK Rob, I will send you the link when I am finished. Just be aware that I am not in charge of the design… :-)

No prob. Cheers. It’s more how the captions are handled that I’m interested in.


I there a way to protect the image from being downloaded in Gallery 3?

There is an option to disable the usage of the context menu inside Gallery Stack 3. So you won’t be able to use the context menu for downloading the image.

Dear Jannis,
I just purchase Gallery3 due it was written, that I can use EasyCMS by Joe Workman.
I do not see the option to add EasyCMS photos so far?
Should I install any add-on or additional staff?
Thanks in advance for the information!

These integration stacks are available in the (free) total CMS stacks bundle. Please install that, as said, you don’t need a license, you just need to have to install that stacks bundle on your Mac/RW.

Then these image child stacks will be available in the selection screen you have shown above.

Great! Works excellent! Thanks for support!

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Hello Janis, thank you for a great product!
I have a couple questions -

  1. Where can I download the free total CMS bundle you mention above?
  2. I have encountered a strange behavior when I use the “justified” grid, where the images line up very small on the left on first load, then, if I re-size the window small then big, they magically grow to normal. Any idea what is causing this? Here is the page I’m working on:

Many thanks!


Will check the other question later.

As you don’t have any other stack on this page, I guess it is an incompatibility with the used theme.

All I can say is that Gallery 3 works with UIKit 3, which is the framework your Walter 2 theme is running on:

Maybe @Lucas has an idea.

Hey Jannis, I’ll try to reproduce this one here…please send me a copy of your Gallery-3 stack.

Thank you both for your help!

Sorry to be such a noob, but are there any other stacks I can download to go with the ones I bought?
I’ve installed the total CMS demo, and it looks like there may be more - 1 column foundation? header?

Thank you