Gallery 3 - remote image not working as expected

Hi there, I recently purchased Gallery 3 and find that I cannot use a remote image as per the documentation. There is an FTP/Remote Directory stack but it does not pick up the images. (The images are hosted on a website and I am currently using Impact to successfully display them. However, I would like to use your Gallery 3 as I like the way it displays the images.

Looking at your support documents shows a remote image stack that is not there with the rest of the parts of the Gallery3 stack.

I am using Stacks 4.0.2 and Rapidweaver 8.2.1


A URL is always helpful for support.

I use an FTP application called Transmit, I suspect most offer similar function - by right clicking on the image folder, it is possible to get the exact URL. By pasting that into the FTP/Web Directory stack in Gallery 3, I have zero issues.

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And Remote Image Stack for single images is contained here:

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I would suggest fiddling around with the link:

in this example I had to omit the /html

so it was:

…maybe that helps?

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It was not published. However I have uploaded it now. as you can see there is nothing to see. The images are hosted on this site: and when I was using Impact and referencing each image from the Fotki site I had no issues. Just warehousing …which I am used to doing.

Oh I thought it was a part of the Gallery3 stack? Would I have to purchase this in addition?

The images must be located underneath the same domain as the website.

Using different domain names isn’t possible.

Ok I have loaded up the images to the same domain, but without success. The folder with images is

Hi Jannis,

Can you clarify whether I have to buy this in addition to Gallery3? Heres a link mentioning a free stack…

The Rapidweaver community site does not allow bundles. This Remote Image Stack is either available inside Repository Stack, or the Stacks Bundle.

It does appear that you need to purchase the Remote Image Stack if you want to warehouse the images. But, on the RW community site, it says the Remote Image Stack is FREE But if you follow the link, you’re then given a further runaround because it says it’s only available as part of the bundle or Repository.

Very confusing.

You have a typo:

That’s what you entered inside the Gallery Stack.

I saw that and corrected it.

Tell this the owner of the RapidWeaver Community Site, which does not allow what I mentioned before.

The information on my website is clear: inStacks Software | Remote Image Stack - Warehouse images from resource area or external sources

You also have to publish your website. That URL is still on the live website.

Its working! Thank you so much for your patience! I had a snafu with RW and had to restart.

PS One problem I think is that the gallery doesn’t show up in Rapidweaver, only when it’s published.

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Which isn’t possible at all with a remote folder.

But the other stacks I use that use warehousing, which in effect is the same thing, show up in RW in the preview pane etc. Does your stack work very differently then?

Are you able to link a folder of images in the other stacks you use? Or are you linking each and every image separately?