Gallery 3 & Repository stack

Does anyone know of a way to get the Repository stack to link to Gallery 3 when using the “FTP Folder / Web Directory Integration”. I would like to be able to upload images via the Repository.

Easy, it’s my go-to gallery CMS setup.

Install Repo, create folder(s), upload your images. Get the URL to the folder, add it to G3. It’s really that easy.

If you have a large gallery create a folder within the folder for the main images and call it “thumbnails” (I think, check docs). In this put small versions of the main images with the same name. G3 will then automatically display these thumbnails in the main view.

My most recent site with this setup is here: but as I say, it’s a setup I use on loads of sites and works brilliantly.


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This is the handy feature of copying the link to the folder to the clipboard.

Thanks Steve and Jannis that works great.

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Does the client upload the photos then - you’re not involved at all?



Some do, and that’s certainly the expectation. But many don’t understand how to process the images correctly and just send them to me.

Can Repository set limits on image sizes, for example - either in terms of pixel dimensions or file size?



Not sure about Repository but you can in Gallery 3 when using the “FTP Folder / Web Directory Integration” you can Define max width in pixels, % or rem. Although this doesn’t change the actual image size in MB.

Something like this should be within the capabilities of most clients:

Batting this one to @Jannis

… I have here a version allowing to do this …


When will it be released?

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I have a client that could use that feature, Jannis!

I am working on that…


Thank you Jannis, this is an amazing feature :-)

Any update on when the version that limits files sizes will be released? I have a couple of clients that could really benefit from this feature.

I am planning to release this feature in a v2 with further enhancements / better integration into the RW navigation system.