Gallery of Source sites?

Really nice!

Crack Addicts - what a great name!

That’s on the list. Looking forward to that one.

@Webdeersign am I right in thinking that you are using Chroma for navigation?

Really immersive looking site. Very good.

No not Chroma. That is just BWD Limelight. The site is just Source and Limelight.

When the burger menu opens full screen in Limelight, everything you see is Source - a Container, a Source image using a warehoused image, a Source Button and a some Source Paragraph stacks with text links set to smooth scroll (with the Source Smooth Scroll Enabler) to links set in the main page Source Containers. E.g. the Contact link is set to #contact, and contact is entered into the Contact areas Container’s Anchor / ID' box

It is a real testament to Source because the original version was done in Foundation, but had no Foundation in it at all, except for SiteStyles and then a wheelbarrow full of BWD stacks.


Here are a couple more Source sites that were converted from a site originally built with Foundry.

Both use the Source navigation containing a mix of RW page links, local smooth scroll to same page links and a mega drop down menu using PopDrop.


Very nice design!

Source except where its not!. Waiting for the content from the customer to populate the site, and the SEO work but basically there.


Thumbs up. Is that GoCMS being used for the blog?


Id like to see the grid layout for the centre section on the Haus home page , its nice, clean and sharp :)

If that was a question for me, then no. The properties “blog” is a Ghost blog and the Products page is Ecwid. Both are a dream to update and customise from the clients perspective.

If that was for me then yes :)
I love Go CMS its just so slick

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The grid layout is about as simple as it gets. One is a Grid set to 1 col for under 600px and then 2 cols above 600px. The one is slightly more in that it is a GridPlus set to 1fr (1 Fraction) under 600px and 2fr over 600px and the collapse swap happens when the column you want to swap is set to reposition below 600px to position 1. So just 3 settings away from default.

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Some superb sites! Great to see :)

Thanks a lot for sharing.

No, it was for @sa3305

Here is another. the galleries I made with Limelight (BWD)
For the Nav I used CleanMenu


Silence of Touch is a seriously beautiful site. Thanks for posting it and inspiring me to do better.

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Very nice and clean site :-)

Lovely site. Great to see people post new Source sites.

That’s a really great site @Anugyan. Stunning. Thanks for sharing!

Just thought I would post a recently completed site based on SOURCE, and incorporating Total CMS