Gallery of Source sites?

The grid layout is about as simple as it gets. One is a Grid set to 1 col for under 600px and then 2 cols above 600px. The one is slightly more in that it is a GridPlus set to 1fr (1 Fraction) under 600px and 2fr over 600px and the collapse swap happens when the column you want to swap is set to reposition below 600px to position 1. So just 3 settings away from default.

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Some superb sites! Great to see :)

Thanks a lot for sharing.

No, it was for @sa3305

Here is another. the galleries I made with Limelight (BWD)
For the Nav I used CleanMenu


Silence of Touch is a seriously beautiful site. Thanks for posting it and inspiring me to do better.

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Very nice and clean site :-)

Lovely site. Great to see people post new Source sites.

That’s a really great site @Anugyan. Stunning. Thanks for sharing!

Just thought I would post a recently completed site based on SOURCE, and incorporating Total CMS


Just wanted to share another great site that has been built with Source. Is a really fantastic site - all the more so thanks to the stunning images from Mike and his wife’s design business.

(Thanks to Mike for letting me share this).


Great and very professional looking site.

I like the design, with the exception of very low contrast between type and background. Bad from the accessibility point of view…

I think it is a beautiful site and didn’t really notice any contrast issues. But you may be right. I think there are ways to calculate if the contrast is good enough. Should be possible to fix with CSS.

Yeah, low contrast is OK with people who have a normal vision. It may even be pleasing to some. But there is more people than we realize, who couldn’t even read text on this particular website. Unfortunately for them, usually, website developers forget to take accessibility into account.

Contrast checker here


The site looks fine to me, but accessibility to your target audience is important. What I would say is that Source has excellent colour control and background control with the Container Base system where you can have 2 backgrounds per base, and up to 999 bases. This makes it really easy to choose colours, and by trial and error arrive at your final colour combinations and adjust if necessary.

To my eyes this site looks really good but perhaps some of the text in the header sections (over an image) may be hard to read for some. I think most/all key text is perfectly readable though. Difficult for sites like this that have to look so good to balance things like this perfectly.

I wondered who made the beautiful Kitchens site - really great work!!

If it is the one I think you mean, it was created by Mike at YourSpaceLiving.

Oh dear Gary, I was reading too fast, not concentrating! Yes, very nice work by Mike!