Gator on mobile question

I’m using Gator in a Foundry project. On mobile, I’m seeing something like this:


I’m wondering where the horizontal bar between the hamburger and the text comes from.
I’ve stripped this down to the basics - there is no left or right content, the font is the default. The menu structure is the default custom html.

The only change I’ve made is changing the first class in the FontAwesome tags from fas to fa. If “fas” is used, just a box shows up. To be clear, instead of the tag being something like

<i class="fas fa-bars"></i>

it is

<i class="fa fa-bars"></i>

I’m now thinking this is a FontAwesome v4 vs v5 issue. Any ideas?

Edit: nope, that’s not it. It seems that the open icon and close icon are both showing at the same time. Weird.

I own Gator and Foundry, but haven’t used the two together. However, I’ve not seen this when paired with Foundation. You might want to drop @willwood an email through his support address - I reached out to him about a different issue last week, and he replied with a detailed explanation within an hour or two. Excellent customer service…as always. :)

Thanks, @dave. I assumed that @willwood checked this section of the forum out, but possibly he doesn’t. I’ll write him.

Oh, I think he checks here. I just know for a very fast response, emailing him works, too.

A URL might help get you some help. Will might not have Foundry handy.

Already done, but thanks for the reminder. I didn’t think of this till Will asked me last night… :(